Jered Barclay photoHaving covered all seven continents, 108 countries, and over 4,000 destinations, Jered Barclay is one of the most traveled professionals in his field. His specialties: exotic locations and events that have evolved into his passion to preserve the pure states of nature and the valuable cultural traditions of those destinations.

His photographs and stories have been seen in 27 international publications including Conde Nast Traveler, Chicago Tribune, and many more. He is a contract photographer for Lonely Planet Images and is regularly interviewed on Sirius, XM Satellite and Discovery Channel Radio with an audience of 12,000,000 listeners. His gallery shows have been in Mexico City, Bogota, and Toronto.

His mission: “In this complex world, my mind and eye seek the simple and pristine. This quest drives me to increasingly remote destinations to discover places untarnished by man or nature. In doing this, I try to envision how simple life might be.” In both images and language, he holds a mirror up to these exotic destinations to produce a scope and rarity of subjects rarely equaled.

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